The “Affiliate Marketing” Ideas You’ve Been Looking For, Part 1

 Today, I will be sharing with you some of my affiliate marketing ideas that make money. I cannot tell you that these ideas will be making you money online overnight, however these are proven, long-term strategies that have been helping me to make money online, every month!

These ideas focus on building an online readership that will trust not only you, but how much your advice will matter to your readers. The more your readers trust you, the more they will visit your site. The more they visit your site, and the more the products you include in your site help them, the more money you will make!  And let me tell you, I would not have been able to make the money I am making now had I not used these ideas previously. I learned everything I know now, thanks to the AffiloBlueprint course!

One thing you need to understand through building your readerships is that the products you promote need to be something that can help the readers. The whole point with affiliate marketing is to be promoting products that are actually useful to the audience you are writing within your niche. If you happen to promote shady products, you will not notice the audience you had once been building!

Idea 1: Build A Blog

To really make it with affiliate marketing, one of the key things most people start with is to build a blog. The blog you build is the main source of time that will be spent writing within your niche. Your niche is, in the simplest terms, what the main subject is that your blog is based on. This could be anything from “dog training”, to “weight loss”, or maybe even “muscle building”.  This doesn’t exactly mean you will be writing about the same thing all of the time, but moreover that you should be writing different topics within the subject.

Having a blog is the main source of your income, and is where people on your site will get their information they searched for.  Writing articles relating to the subject you’ve chosen is key to having a stable income. Within your blog, you should be writing information that people can actually use and benefit from.

Writing quality, information packed blogs is what will inspire readers to not only take your advice, but build a trusting relationship with you. Once  your readers trust you and can see that your information is reliable and trustworthy, they will trust you enough to buy the products you offer to them.

For a great example of a blog that really taught me to understand how to make mine, check out the Enlightenment Gateway by Mark Ling. He uses the same techniques taught in AffiloBlueprint, and makes thousands of dollars each year!

Idea 2: Focus on Email Marketing, Not Banners

Learning from the AffiloBlueprint has taught me that e-mail marketing makes much more money than banner advertisements. Most of the time the people that click on banners are just “cold traffic”, and don’t convert. The best way to reach your readers is to create opt-in forms to an e-mail subscriber list. One great example is that the website listed above, Enlightenment Gateway, does this and has absolutely no banners!

If you give people an incentive to join (like giving out a free e-book, or some sort of useful material for free), they will be glad to subscribe! Remember that every e-mail that you put out to your subscriber list should have useful information and tips, and also include relevant product suggestions to what your email is written about.

Idea 3: Bring In Traffic Organically With Google

Organic traffic is high-quality, and usually converts very well. While not everyone is an SEO expert, part of what the experts tell you is something you probably could have thought of yourself!

  • Post regularly – Google loves the websites that have new, fresh content for the people that use their search engine. If you cannot write a lot, at least try to write around 300 or more words per post.
  • Optimize your post for keywords that are specifically tailored to your niche. Even if you use the Adwords Express platform, look at the keywords being used, and try to write down some to be used in conjunction with writing your content. My keywords on Adwords Express came up with well over 772 keywords, I couldn’t sit and write all of them!
  • Place your main keyword once in your title tag, and once in your description tag

Hope you can use these tips and feel free to check out AffiloBlueprint to start making the real money!