Social Media: Jobs & Money Making Ideas

 The Guide To Social Media Jobs, And Yes, People Are Really Trying It

  I'll be honest, most of the time, anyone would see this and think it's a scam. Hell, even google tried telling me my page was all of a sudden scam-like and I wasn't allowed to post this article at all. Granted, I don't think it was a good post to begin with, since I didn't write too much about it, and told everyone who viewed it at that moment I first posted it "here's a sick job just click here!". 

 Sometimes you might just be scrolling Facebook and you'll see an ad like "Get Paid To Be On Facebook All Day At $16.74 An Hour!" and who knows, it may be real or it may not. On my end of the spectrum, I choose not to take those because personally, I don't like to spend all my time on Facebook as it is, nor do I want to be paid hourly to be on there when I could be making money in some other form but still on my computer. This is personally my preference. 

 Anyway, what I have here today though is an offer of an employment opportunity to share with you, the visitors of my site. This way to earn money online/work from home is to work with social media companies and in turn provided you have done the work they ask (unfortunately not specified unless you click on the link below) you therefore may have found some totally not advertised before visiting this post "social media jobs".

 So imagine telling your friends how you make your side money, spending time on your social media accounts. Sound believe-able? They'd probably ask "how" if they are open to it, and then proceed to say absurd things about how it's all BS with what you're (hypothetically) doing for this "online work from home gig" if they are complete skeptics.  Did you ever think you'd find such a thing out there? No. Honestly if in some sort of way it made me enough money to not have to work a regular, un-enjoyable 40-hour work week and complain about my paycheck at the end of the week to the rest of my social group on Facebook.

 While I would love to say this offer is just like any work from home job, I personally cannot confirm it is. Then again, it's not every day you hear of someone landing this type of gig from reading  "some guy's blog post". Ideally, to be able to work from home with something such as a social media job would be EPIC. Most of the time, the careers from home are ones that you would start in an office type of setting, therefore progressing into a remote, "work-from-anywhere" type of position (at least in the world of working for a company rather than working for yourself).

 Below I present to you, this offer to work online from home (or anywhere, for that matter). And lets be real about it here; not everyone will be on your side in terms of taking this kind of offer (if you decide to tell a bunch of people about it). If I had the opportunity to and somehow needed extra money, figuring I dont want to go back to working 3 jobs so that the other two provide my side money for going out with and not exactly just paying the rent, I'd take this offer. In my position though, I don't want to just by my own choice. 

Click Here For Social Media Jobs


Secondary Idea If You Don't Click Above

So in my time of writing this second part to the "social media jobs" post, I wanted to share with you the outside idea of creating a job using a currently owned social media account. What I mean specifically by this;

Instead of taking the position offered by someone else for a social media job, why not create your own job however utilizing social media? 

On a more personal side-note of writing this post, my idea stems from seeing how more and more people are using social media networks without even thinking about it. Half the time just going to the diner or even going out people do nothing but scroll social media accounts ALL DAY LONG. From the super young (I'm 26, and I'll say super young is like, 7 years old) to the elderly, all of these people now have a Facebook, some of them have an Instagram, and (from what I see, it's mostly younger women/mom types with) a Pinterest account. 

 What I had thought of with the above information is using these social media websites that are widely visited by creating an account, and posting material pertaining to the business or product I want to sell or promote. In the simplest explanation I can think of, let's say I have a website, and I want to promote my website in another way other than using Pay-Per-Click ads. Instead, why not learn how to design pictures in a very eye-catching manner, and post them to a social media site in which I may have either friends or followers to promote to? So, you take your new stylish, eye catching design for the promotion, and you would then use a link to be put in the caption (along with a brief description) so people can visit your business' website. 

 Side Note: If you are not trying to create your own job, or haven't had the idea to create your own job, or don't exactly know what kind of business you would want to run I will be making another post in the near future specifically about this!