Make Money Now With These Great Photography Jobs!

Make Money Online Selling Your Pictures

 How often do you take pictures with your phone and upload it to some social media site like Facebook or Instagram, and get any amount of likes, only to say to yourself "I should be a photographer"? I can't say how often I take pictures of things I just happen to find interesting. Then maybe I share it to social media and the next thing you know I have so many likes! Which by then I find myself wondering "I wish there was a way to make money with this". And this is where I found a site for "photography jobs".

 So with that thought in mind, I just wanted to post the job to you folks. Lately it seems like there are more and more jobs moving to being posted online for the self-employed. And with that new fact in effect (that you can make money online with this) I found a site looking for people who want photography jobs. This could just be spare cash or extra money, but from what I'm told could be more than that!

 The link provided for you below is to the photography jobs' site. While I do not usually trust "everything seen on the internet", I assure you this is not the case with this. Putting skepticism aside, what do you have to lose if you haven't even tried it yet, right?


Apps That You May Be Interested In

  1. Foap

    This is the type of app that virtually everyone who is interested in taking pictures is becoming a self-employed photographer. The app has well over a 4-star review on app stores, and depending on the kind of person you are, this will not deter you from seeing what your outcome will be. Personally, I just want to know that it's legitimate or just another scam. This app is not a scam!

    There are about 5 ways to make money on FOAP, and in the simplest form of making money (one of the five ways thanks to this article) is by creating a profile, adding pictures, and putting a caption and tags on each picture you upload to sell.

    With multiple ways to make money on this app and the right mindset, you can make money on here too!

  2. Snapwire

    Snapwire really sets itself apart from Foap in terms of how the money can be made. From my research, I don't see anything about "5 ways to make money with Snapwire", but does present a more exciting challenge. In my perspective, this app will work for the people who are completely self-driven, and desire to really take on photography and trying to become one of the best in the network under Snapwire. 

    Basically, you have two objectives on Snapwire: "shoot to earn"; in which you take on a Snapwire challenge, where you are given a specific subject to be shot, and then submit your best picture of the subject given. The favorites are nominated and the best pictures out of all submitted (by you and other people) will be bought.  The other way is by building your portfolio; if buyers nominate your work you will level up, which in turn earns you access to live buyer requests & commissioned assignments. If you would like to learn more about payouts, check this page here.